The Lame Duck Report

Informed analyses on our unprecedented political landscape. Cutting through the confusion.

Welcome to The Lame Duck Report by me, James Holley. I’m so happy you are here!

I am launching this newsletter for a couple of different reasons, and I do hope that you stay with me on the exciting journey that is to come. First, if you are interested in nuanced takes on the political events taking place in the United States, then this is the place for you.

I focus my writing on what motivates me most — public policy, politics, and elections. Whether it be analyzing the long-winding trails of campaigns, assessing the effects of economic and social policy on our communities, or giving my two cents on the behavior of our elected officials and political parties at-large, you can expect to read interesting and informed opinions which are largely absent from the run of the mill news stories you see every day.

Second, most of my writing appears on Medium. I am a top writer in Politics and Government on the platform as well as an Editor of Dialogue & Discourse, one of Medium’s most respected and fastest-growing publications. I will continue regularly publishing on Medium, and I intend to include short summaries of these longer stories for the people who might prefer it. Additionally, this newsletter will include content not published on Medium.

My intent is to always include a unique, biweekly piece or set of pieces specifically for those who take the time to become a subscriber. Some formal and some informal, and I will likely expand into topics like journalism, culture, society, social media, and tips about writing and Medium as a platform.

Lastly, my goal with this newsletter is, of course, to grow my platform and email list with readers genuinely interested in American politics. As a disclaimer, I offer these opinion pieces from the left of the political spectrum, but I call out hypocrisy, lies, and political expediency wherever it may be found. No one is safe from scrutiny.

Never before have there been so many unprecedented events occur in government, and it has cast a dark and ominous cloud of confusion over our political landscape. My ultimate goal is to break through that confusion and offer to my readers analyses that are based on what we know to be true. Only when we are equipped with the truth can we establish the foundation for policy that benefits the public.

I do not claim to have all the answers. That’s why all of my pieces are designed to be consumed with the margin of error always in mind—political prediction and analysis are difficult (more now than ever) but I plan on taking on the task anyway. Join me on this quest for truth as we cut through the confusion together.

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